TRECVID 2018 – Social-media Video Storytelling Linking

Task coordinators: Joao MagalhaesDavid SemedoSaverio Blasi

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Data – Description and Download Instructions

To run the Social-Media Visual Storytelling Linking task, we collected media and news stories about three events:

  • Edinburgh Festival: Consists of a celebration of the performing arts, gathering dance, opera, music and theatre performers from all over the world. The event takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland and has a duration of 3 weeks in August.
  • Le Tour de France: Consists of one of the main road cycling race competitions. The event takes place in France (day 1-8, 11-17, 20-23), Spain (day 9), Andorra (day 9-11), Switzerland (day 17-19), and has a duration of 23 days in July.

The collected data include news stories from verified news sources which will be used as the story topic and segments. Social-media data is collected from Twitter and Flickr and are obtained by a focused crawler to collect event-specific images and video. In summary, the data will include:

Development data

Twitter images and videos:

  • Edinburgh Festival 2016: 29558 (15439 non-spam*) images and 4739 (3412 non-SPAM) videos;
  • Le Tour de France 2016: 67032 (34865 non-spam*) images and 8353 (7708 non-SPAM) videos.

Evaluation data

Twitter images and videos:

  • Edinburgh Festival 2017: 34302 (16693 non-SPAM*) images and 4720 (4123 non-SPAM) videos;
  • Le Tour de France 2017: 59530 (31373 non-SPAM*) images and 9555 (8740 non-SPAM) videos.

*Note that the SPAM filtering techniques used are not optimal. Thus, we provide both full and SPAM filtered data.

Download Instructions

The data is available here:

We provide download scripts on our Github repository Link.

To request access to development data please fill in the following form:

Additional Resources

Paper Information:

Please, cite our paper if you use the dataset:

Gonçalo Marcelino, David Semedo, André Mourão, Saverio Blasi, Marta Mrak, and Joao Magalhaes, A Benchmark of Visual Storytelling in Social Media, ICMR 2019. [PDF]