Joao Magalhaes
João Magalhães
(Assistant Professor)

Flávio Martins
(PhD student)
Temporal information models for real-time microblog search, co-supervised with Prof. Jamie Callan from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

André Mourão
(PhD student)
Towards an architecture for efficient distributed search of multimodal information

David SemedoDavid Semedo
(PhD student)
Temporal Neural Cross-modal Embeddings

Carla Viegas
(CMU-Portugal Dual Degree PhD student)
Temporal modeling of speech and language therapy sessions, co-supervised with Prof. Alex Hauptmann from CMU and Prof. Sofia Cavaco

Gustavo Gonçalves
(CMU-Portugal Dual Degree PhD student)
Creating social media streaming verticals for real-time information summarization, co-supervised with Prof. Jamie Callan from CMU

Alumni / concluded theses