Joao Magalhaes
João Magalhães
(Assistant Professor)

Flávio Martins
(PhD student)
Mining multiple sources of information for temporal search, co-supervised with Prof. Jamie Callan from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

André Mourão
(PhD student)
Towards an Architecture for Efficient Distributed Search of Multimodal Information

David Semedo
(PhD student)
Dynamic cross-media for social stories illustration

Carla Viegas
(CMU-Portugal Dual Degree PhD student)
Temporal modeling of speech and language therapy sessions, co-supervised with Prof. Alex Hauptmann from CMU and Prof. Sofia Cavaco

Gustavo Gonçalves
(CMU-Portugal Dual Degree PhD student)
Creating social media streaming verticals for real-time information summarization, co-supervised with Prof. Jamie Callan from CMU

Alumni / concluded theses