GoLocal: 2018 Workshop


Time 24 May Time 25 May
09:30  João Magalhães – Round table intro & update 09:30 Gustavo Gonçalves – Analysis of Subtopic Discovery Algorithms in Informaton Streams
09:45 David Semedo – SocialStories and user profiling 10:00 Nuno Preguiça: Computations over geo-partitioned data
10:30 Jamie Callan – Recent Research in Information Retrieval and Text Mining 10:45 Pedro Balage – New Approaches to Named Entity Recognition and Linking
11:15 Alexandre Francisco – Dynamic and compressed graph processing 11:30 Datasets and applications
12:00 Luis Cortesão – Available data and use cases Wrap-up: Summary of Action Points from the meeting
12:30 Lunch 13:00 Lunch
14:00 Pavel Calado – Fuzzy Fingerprints for Recommendation Systems 14:00 Collaborations for forthcoming period
14:45 André Martins / Pedro Ferreira – Neural machine translation 14:45 Opening to others
15:30 Coffee-break 15:30
16:00 Posters and demos
16:45 Posters and demos
19:30 Workshop dinner: Dom Feijão Restaurant


Pavel Calado
Bruno Martins
Alexandre Francisco
Jamie Callan
Luis Cortesão
Flavio Martins
Joao Magalhaes
David Semedo
Gustavo Gonçalves
Pedro Balage
Pedro Martins
Nuno Preguica

Workshop photos