GoLocal: 2016 Workshop


Time 19 September Time 20 September
09:30 Round table intro 10:00 Bruno Martins – Using RNNs for duplicate detection and entity linking
10:00 João Magalhães – Project overview 10:30 Nuno Preguiça – Integrating storage and computation
10:30 Pável Calado – Linking of Social Media Contents to Products 11:00 André Martins / Mariana Almeida – IT / Priberam
11:15 Flávio Martins – Mining Social-Media for Time-aware Microblog Search 11:30 Jorge Teixeira – AlticeLabs
12:00 Lunch: Vitaminas e sabores Lunch: Vitaminas e sabores
14:00 Posters and demos 14:00 Datasets and applications
Posters and demos 14:45
15:30 Coffee-break 15:30 Coffee-break
16:00 Alexandre Francisco: Graph mining: experiments and challenges 16:00 Collaborations for forthcoming period
16:45 Bruno Candeias: Network aware iterative computations 16:40
17:10 Joao Tomé: Learning with collaborative streams 17:00 Wrap-up: Action Points
17:30 end 17:30 end
19:30 Dinner: Dom Feijão Restaurant


Pavel Calado
Bruno Martins
Alexandre Francisco
Rodrigo Rodrigues
Mariana Almeida
André Martins
Jamie Callan
Jorge Teixeira
Flavio Martins
Joao Magalhaes
Bruno Candeias
Joao Tomé
Samuel Broscheit
Nuno Preguica
Gonçalo Cabrita

Workshop photos